"The main reason I want to work with the Team at New Day, is I know that they'll take care of me. I have bought bulls all over the country and these guys have been the best at helping make sure things are just right. If I have a bull issue or cattle question, they go out of their way to see that my needs are met. And, they have the bull supply big enough to accommodate my need for groups of half-brothers or related genetics."

Jay Payne
Latigo Cattle Co.

"My dad has worked with Jared for several years. With his help has built the genetics in our family herd tremendously. They have provided us with several top quality bulls that have been developed in a way that allows the bulls to perform and maintain a healthy body condition throughout the breeding season. Therefore, when I had the opportunity to start a bred heifer business out of that herd there was no question as to who I would turn to make sure I was offering the best product I could, starting with proper bull selection.

With the combination of great genetics and professional customer service, it easy to see, it's more than a job at New Day Genetics, it's a passion! Any time I need something they are never more than a phone call away and they are always willing to help. The difference in New Day and their competitors is that the competitor's service is done when New Day's has just begun."

John Campbell
Campbell Emery Operations, LLC

"The one thing I really appreciate about the New Day Genetics team, is there sincere dedication to developing problem-free bulls that are ready to go to work. It's obvious that, the whole Team at New Day really care about functional cattle and professional service."

Steve Wheeler
Wheeler & Sons Livestock Auction

"The bulls that come from New Day are absolutely ready for the breeding season and their calves have been really nice. The customer service I get is second to none. I really feel that they care about my success. They take time to visit about my needs and treat me like a friend, not a customer."

Macshane Bartley
Kentucky Cattleman

"I was just thinking of the degree of customer service you have provided for me ever since we started doing business together. Since you have started a new venture I want your new customers and prospective customers to realize the quality of customer service they can realistically expect themselves. When I was buying herd bulls, you always provided me with excellent quality bulls well suited to my operation, reasonably priced and promptly delivered. The service that really stands out in my mind is this. I purchased two bulls at a sale while my ranch was listed for sale. The ranch was sold a few days later leaving me with two surplus bulls. I needed to resell them, hopefully without losing money. I did not buy them from Jared. I explained my situation to Jared and he came to my rescue. I had the bulls delivered to Jared. He kept them for a few days, sold them for my purchase price and delivered them to their new owners. All Jared would accept from me was a well-deserved thank you."

Charles White
Missouri Cattleman

"The professional service that New Day offers is some of the best we've ever experienced. Their service doesn't stop with the purchase of a bull, that's why we were eager to continue supporting them now that they've started out of their own. We feel comfortable buying their genetics and recommending them to customers & friends, because we know they'll go the extra mile to get you exactly what you need."

Todd Lawson
Missouri Cattleman

I require 4 things when buying bulls: calving ease, fast growth, docility and good customer service. Several places can give you good bulls, but I found no one gives the service that the New Day Team provides. I've bought bulls from Jared for many years and anytime I've had a problem he's been there to help. Recently, I had a health issues with one of my bulls and he drove over 100 miles within a couple of days to make sure I had the bull power to get my cows bred. They've even halted their sale to make sure my questions were answered.

Satisfied customer,
Shawn Kindle

"I have purchased many bulls from the New Day team. I have been very pleased with the docile dispositions and ease with which we can handle them. A quite disposition is becoming more important to us all the time."

Debbie Jerome
Missouri Cattlewoman

"My father and I met with the New Day team for the first time this spring. As we headed out of the driveway, my father looked at me and said, "I've been in the cattle business over 70 years and have never seen that many quality bulls in one single place before. I didn't know a place like this existed.

The sheer number of quality bulls left us overwhelmed. However, the New Day team quickly stepped up identifying the right bulls for our program by taking time to truly learn about us. Their large inventory allowed them to put together a load of bulls that genetically matched every need we had."

Brendon & Paul Bass
Missouri Cattlemen

"New Day Genetics has superior bulls, sales and service. In our search for "the pic of the herd" baldy bull, we found New Day Genetics. They were just what we were searching for. Helpful before, during and after the sale! Jared's work ethic is second to none. He visited our farm in Virginia to conduct an on-site inspection to ensure our complete satisfaction. We will forever be New Day Genetic customers. We highly recommend them for improving the genetics of your herd."

Seth, Brandi & Mattie Heath
Virginia Farm Family

"Having the right bull supplier goes well beyond their genetics. The service they provide can help your cattle operation run smoothly and more efficiently. I had a bull get hurt this summer and was in a bind. I sent Jared one text message, and he had me a spare the next day. He was so easy to work with. I never had to stop working and knew my cows would be covered."

Jake Drenon
Missouri Cattleman

"We have bought a lot of bulls from Jared and the New Day Team. Their genetics and service have been more than satisfactory. We sell a large number of replacement quality heifers each year. Their Team has worked hard to help us capture the value bred into our genetics."

James & Patricia Grainger
Missouri Beef Producers

"We have had tremendous luck with the load of aged, SimAngus bulls from New Day. We are weaning 625#+ calves off the desert and they are staying healthy throughout the pre-conditioning process. We haven't culled one bull yet and everyone has semen tested well each year."

Ryan Fitzpatrick
California & Nevada Cattleman