Who We Are...

New Day Genetics is a progressive seedstock operation who specializes in producing age advantage, fescue adapted, feed efficient bulls for cattle producers across the Midwest. We specialize in producing bulls who will hold up in the challenges of our environment and provide value to customers calves.

New Day Development Process

We believe our development process is one that allows for the bulls to properly develop and tests the bulls to the challenges Missouri cattlemen deal with day in and day out. All of the bulls in this sale arrived at Cunningham Livestock in September of 2020. The bulls are then commingled in large groups based on weight and frame. After commingling the bulls are then developed in large pasture settings with fescue or stock piled fescue as the primary forage. The bulls are supplemented with minimal harvested feedstuffs and if the bulls are not performing up to par are culled. We are confident our age advantage, forage developed bulls will hold up in large pasture settings in the fescue belt.

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To be the leading resource of Ranch Ready genetics, service, and education.


Cultivate successful relationships with beef producers through the creation of industry friendly genetics developed to be Ranch Ready supported by frictionless service and continuous educational outreach.


Our customers expect our actions to be consistent with our words and our words consistent with our intentions.