New Day Fall Sale

October 12th, 2024

100+ Age Advantage Bulls
80 Spring calving bred heifers

Bull Sales

Our Team specializes in producing Angus & Red Angus hybrid bulls, such as the highly effective and dependable SimAngus. Combining the best of Angus & Red Angus with a breed like Simmental creates a genetic package that covers all the necessary herd traits directly related to profit: gain, ideal combination of grade & yield, maternal strength, longevity, and hybrid vigor. We also cover environmental adaptability with our unique heat tolerant hybrids that combine the best of SimAngus and Brangus.

We add another layer of value to the genetics our customers use through a critical aging process in which bulls are developed in a forage environment until 20 months of age to ensure soundness, longevity, and disposition.

We truly believe our Team's Ranch Ready bull system creates the X-Factor our customers need to be successful, keep life simple, and...

Heifer Sales