The New Day Team also focuses significant attention on the selection, development, and breeding of our Ranch Ready heifers. The majority of these heifers originate within our network and exemplify the best of our Angus & Red Angus hybrid genetics. These crossbred "X-Factor" heifers sired by SimAngus, Balancer, and heat tolerant genetics produced by the New Day Team, have earned the reputation as true working cows. They calve easily, work hard, and breed back with a high level of success as a result of our regimented processes for selection, health management, culling, and breeding. Heifers are critically evaluated on forage, kept in ideal condition, and offered to our customers with information on due date and fetal calf sex collected through the use of ultrasound technology. They arrive at your farm, Ranch Ready.

Fall Ranch Ready Bull & Bred Heifer Sale

New Day Ranch Ready Heifers